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This is a pointless rant on a character from a video game. Fair warning. (SEMI-SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA 2)

I've recently been watching a playthrough of Danganronpa 2, and there's been constant debates in the comments over one of the characters. Hiyoko Saionji, to be precise. See, the person playing often expresses his hatred of her, and that's sparked a lot of her fans coming to her defense. I wanted to put my two cents in on what I think. If you agree, fine, if you disagree, I'm sorry, but I've seen every argument there is for her and it just hasn't changed my stance.

I hate Saionji. In fact, I think I hate her more than I hate Komaeda. At least he's useful.

I know what's in Saionji's FTEs, and I don't care. NONE of that is any kind of justification for being a little bitch to people who had NOTHING to do with what happened to her. She is a terrible person, period. Not acting on her threats doesn't mean a damn thing. She doesn't HAVE to. She gets very clear enjoyment out of tormenting others with words. Actually, now that I think about it I might've even liked her more if she actually DID follow up on her threats. At least then she'd have a reason to sit around and talk smack. SHE. DOES. NOT. CHANGE. She doesn't even really TRY. She still picks on everyone, she's still brutal to Mikan for no reason, and that "forgiving" Kuzuryuu line was force-fed bullshit and you know it. SHE HAS NO REDEEMABLE QUALITIES. "But she was nice to Mahiru!" So what? She got attached to one person who helped her when almost everyone else had repeatedly tried to be nice to her. That doesn't mean a damn thing. In fact, it only reinforces the fact that she's a selfish bitch. "She's cute!" No, no she's not. Her heinous personality completely kills that aspect. Especially since she's the same fucking age as the rest of them. She needs to grow the fuck up. (cough) "She's funny!" How is bullying others for no reason funny? How is her getting enjoyment from it funny? "She's honest!" So's everyone else in this game. Most of them can do it without being a piece of shit. Being honest=/=Being an asshole. "She's proud!" Of what, exactly? Acting like the worthless trash she accuses everyone else of being? That's not something she should be proud of. She has no reason to be proud of herself if she's done nothing but be a pain in the ass. If she actually tried to be nice to others despite getting bullied, then I'd have loads more sympathy for her. She hasn't. At all. I realize it can be hard, but her classmates haven't done anything to her, and again, most of them tried to be nice to her from the get-go. She had no right or reason to act the way she did towards any of them. She just WANTED to, and that's why I can't stand her, nor do I get why anyone would like her. She WANTED to be a bitch to everyone. She's just awful. /End rant.
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